Micro-influencer collaborations without the risk

Speed up your micro-influencer workflow and eliminate micro-influencer fraud

Collabz safely collects micro-influencer credit card 💳 information which puts you in control. No more endlessly following up! 😎

How it works

You send an invite

Invite any micro-influencer you want to collaborate with your special Collabz link.

They accept terms

Micro-influencers accept your terms of collaboration (content, timing, financial, etc.) and choose product for you to send to them.

You ship the product

You receive a notification with their address and the product they ordered so you can ship it out.

They promote

They promote your brand according to your timeline and according to your terms. If there are any issues their card is charged.

You get sales

Enjoy greater micro-influencer marketing return on investment. Scale your micro-influencer program with ease.

Supercharge your micro-influencer marketing

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